About Tach West Technologies Ltd.

Tach West Technologies develops advanced mobile tracking, asset management, and telemetry solutions for a wide range of industries across Canada including first responders, public works, utilities, and many more. We are the AVL partner of choice for fleet operators in the industries we serve, with a well established reputation for delivering leading edge solutions combined with a superior customer service experience.

We have found the perfect balance between technology and service to keep your fleet moving in the right direction.

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Our History

A private Canadian –owned company founded in 1983 by Paul DeCou as Tach West Instruments, operated under this name until 2006 when it was changed to Tach West Technologies Ltd.

 Tach West was created to fill a need in this industry for an all-around service and technology offering. We wanted to provide service with new technology, and harness the software, which made it more cost-efficient to monitor vehicles in Canada. While we did not create the industry, we have been among the pioneers who have helped this technology and this industry to advance.

For over 35 years, Tach West has been a pioneer in the evolution of the AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) industry. When Tach West was established in 1983, the existing technology for tracking vehicle activity was the Tachograph, an archaic system created in 1939. By the mid -eighties, Tachographs were being replaced by onboard computers, but they were very large and costly making them impractical for most fleets of vehicles.

Prior to building onboard vehicle computers – or Data Loggers – finding support for Tachographs was time consuming and expensive, involving calls to Germany and parts of the USA. Building these units in Canada allowed Tach West to provide full in-house support for hardware and software in our own local industry.

In 1991 Tach West began designing and building vehicle onboard systems to support the trucking industry in Canada.

Paul of Tach West Technologies

Paul D.DeCou
President & Founder

In the year 2000, Tach West Instruments redesigned the DataTrans Onboard system to support Ontario EMS fleets, and by 2001 every Ontario EMS vehicle had a DataTrans data logger in the vehicle to record vehicle activity, effectively replacing the Tachograph.

The next innovation came in 2009 with the advance of wireless technologies, when Tach West Technologies redesigned the Onboard system to become a full AVL wireless tracking system.

In 2011, Tach West Technologies partnered with Esri Canada, the world’s leading GIS software provider, to provide municipal fleets with a full AVL salt management solution. Working with third party devices in Snow Plows to extract spreader information and road temperature sending real time live data for Municipal fleets.

2021 we continue to provide solutions with advanced innovations that will help our clients meet and exceed their fleet management goals.