User Guide

How to Setup Out-of-Date Notifications

1. Select Behaviours and then the Tag Out-of-date behaviour.

2. From the middle column select Out of Date.

3. Under Details, input the time threshold parameters.

Global Threshold – If no position has been sent for the asset in a given time frame, the asset will be marked out-of-date.

Moving Threshold – If the asset is marked as moving, override the global threshold with this given time frame.

4. Add the User(s) you wish to receive idling notifications by typing out the name. From the drop down list that appears once you start typing, you can also select the desired User. The User must exist within the Account.

5. Select any Targets or Filters, if applicable. Targets or Filters will allow you to apply the behaviour to a specific label, asset or kind. Everything in the Company can also be selected.

6. Save.

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