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Good day DTTrackerv4 Clients!
We are happy to announce the latest version of DTTrackerv4. This update brings us to version 4.29 and includes many enhancements and Dispatch 2.0!

The update will be performed on Wednesday July 6th after business hours to reduce any potential negative impact on your business. Please read on for the full release notes.

Dispatch 2.0

Dispatch is even more powerful now with multi-step tasks, unassigned tasks, and task prioritization with route optimization.

Multi-step Tasks
Tasks can now have multiple steps. This allows you to create tasks for deliveries which includes the pick-up. Every task will schedule its step in order, but when you have multiple tasks with a step at the same location, the system will schedule those tasks concurrently. So, if you have five customer deliveries from one store, those tasks will schedule their pick-ups at the same time.

Batch Assignment
Tasks can now be created without being assigned to an asset. More than that, the task can have labels applied so that when they are assigned, they are restricted to only those assets that share a label. You can also multi-select (by holding the CTRL key while clicking) and batch-assign tasks to a single asset.

Prioritization of tasks allows our system to choose the most important tasks first. There are five priority levels: Urgent, High, Normal, Low, and Standby. Urgent tasks get done first regardless of how long they take, or how far away they are. High, Normal, and Low will be assigned next based on the driving distance and time compared to the weight of their priority. Lastly, Standby tasks get done last, regardless of how quickly they can be done, or how close they are.

Optional Signature
For each step, you can also choose whether or not to collect a signature. For some tasks it may be required at every step, for some it would not not require at all, and for some it will just be on the last step. Signatures used to be mandatory for every task, now the choice is yours.

Also in this update…
Updated Asset Targeting
The default behaviour when running a report targeted by label was to match any asset with any of the given labels. Casting a wide net gave lots of results but was more difficult to use when drilling down. In this release we have added the ability to toggle between assets
matching any label and matching all labels. This design feature is also applied to Behaviours and Maintenance Schedules.

Under the Hood
As always, we have also included many bug fixes and overall performance
Let us know what you think! Your feedback is invaluable – As always, we appreciate your ongoing feedback of DTTrackerv4. Please continue to communicate with our Support and Sales teams to provide additional feedback of DTTrackerv4 on how we can better serve your geolocation needs.
Problems with the update? Something not looking quite right or working as expected?
Not to worry. Follow these quick steps before calling support.
1 – Clear your browser
cache and full history from the beginning of time and reload DTTrackerv4.
2 – Try another browser.
Still not working? Call us, we will help!
For any questions, comments, or concerns, please email or speak with one of our customer service reps at: 1 (800)319-2570. Our call center is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST, Monday to Friday.
Thank you very much for your continued business and loyalty to Tach West Technologies
It is our honor to provide you with solutions that you rely on day to day to help manage your business.
The Tach West Team

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