User Guide

How to Setup Speeding Notifications

1. Select Behaviours.

2. Select Speeding Tag and Notification.

3. Select the Speeding Behaviour.

4. Under Parameters, input the desired speed thresholds.

Maximum – Any time an asset travels above the maximum threshold, it is deemed speeding.

Street – Any time an asset travels above the street threshold, it is deemed speeding. If the street threshold is 10 km/hr and the street speed limit is 50 km/hr, events above 60 km/hr will be deemed as speeding.

5. Add the User’s email address you wish to receive speeding notifications. Multiple email addresses be must be separated by a semicolon (;). The User must exist within the Account.

6. Select any Targets or Filters, if applicable. Targets or Filters will allow you to apply the behaviour to a specific label, asset or kind. Everything in the Company can also be selected.

7. Save.

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