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How to Create Tasks using Dispatch

How to Create Tasks using Dispatch

1. Select Person or Vehicle.

2. Select the Dispatch/Task tab then + New Task.

3. Input Task details and Save. Saved dispatches are pushed out to Android, iOS or Garmin devices in the field and arrive as Notifications.

Routes can be optimized based on round trip, avoid tolls and avoid highways. Up to 25 dispatches can be assigned per asset at a time.

4. Select task from device to open. New tasks appear as notifications.

5. To complete the task, select Arrived check box and Complete Task.

6. Input Name, any Notes, add signature and select Save.

Live dispatch progress is viewed in TWTracker. Check mark for completed and signatures are updated in real time.

*The TWTracker Mobile application will need to be installed if using Mobile Dispatch. A Garmin configuration would need to be applied if using Garmin devices in the vehicle.

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