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How to Setup Place Entry Exit and Linger Notifications for Specific Labels Print

How to Setup Place Entry, Exit and Linger Notifications for Specific Labels

You can create a Place Notifications behaviour that will send out notifications based on a specific label. Place(s) will need to have the same label or no label assigned to them as the Person, Vehicle, Trailer or Asset in order for this to function correctly.

1. Select Behaviours.

2. Select Place Notifications.

3. Select the Place Notifications Behaviour.

4.Under Parameters, add the User’s email addresses you wish to receive place notifications. Enter, Exit or Linger Notifications are available. Multiple email addresses must be separated by a semicolon (;). The User must exist within the Account. Make sure that the notification preferences and e-mail and or phone number are entered into the notification section of the user.

5.Add a Linger Threshold. If an asset is inside a place longer than the specified threshold, the asset is deemed to be lingering and a notification will be sent. Threshold is measured in minutes.

6.Enter the Label in notifyLabels field. Spaces in the labels name should be replaced with a hyphen “-“.

Leaving this field empty will allow for notifications on all places, regardless of their assigned label.

7.Targets will allow you to apply the behaviour to everything or a specific label, asset or kind. If using notifyLabels you must select the corresponding label under the Filtered Tab.


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